Jeremy Katz (katzj) wrote,
Jeremy Katz

New Fedora on the XO Test Image

A new image for testing Fedora on the XO is now available. This image runs quite a bit slower than the previous one in X and I haven't gotten to why yet, so if you try it, I recommend quite a bit of patience. But I wanted to get something up in the near-term so that people would see some sort of progress :-)

Changes and improvements in this image...:

  • Updated packages to match those that are included in the Fedora 10 beta that was released yesterday
  • Slightly newer kernel (the one that davej built last night) which has debugging disabled. Sadly, this wasn't the help I hoped it would be.

Booting to runlevel 3 is okay for at least some testing, though. So be sure to add --extra-kernel-args 3 to your invocation of livecd-iso-to-disk in addition to passing --xo. And hopefully we'll have a new image up shortly that fixes some of the slowness and makes things more reasonable for general use "soon"

Tags: fedora, olpc

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