Jeremy Katz (katzj) wrote,
Jeremy Katz

2007 Cycling Comes to an End

Finally today was a day where it wasn't raining or snowing or anything along those lines and so I managed to get out for a good ride with the Quad folks this morning. The roads were mostly clear, although some places were wet from yesterday's rain and there were still a few ice patches. Still, all in all, things weren't bad at all. Went up to Concord and then to Fern's in Carlisle and then back home the way we came. About 35 miles at 17 mph which is okay for the end of December in 35 degree weather after a few weeks of barely riding at all. And I really was needing to get a good ride in.

And given that the snow has already started again for tonight's storm (estimated 4-8 inches overnight), I suspect that will be it for riding for the year. That brings the total up to somewhere between 4200 and 4300 miles as opposed to last year's roughly 1800.

  • 3500 miles on Team Quad rides including regular weekend rides, charity rides and races.
  • 300 miles on my old Trek mountain bike (commuting to Alewife and back from July - September)
  • 120 miles on my old Specialized road bike before selling it in the fall. This was purely 3 rides to the office and back over the summer. I guess I really didn't ride it much after buying the Merlin.
  • 400 miles on my new Redline 9-2-5 fixed gear. 100 of this was Quad rides, the rest commuting and errand miles. Bought this bike at the end of September for the latter purpose and am really happy with it. I think that its milage for 2008 is going to be pretty significant.
  • 3400 miles on my Merlin. Almost all of this was Quad rides.
  • Longest ride was Harbor to the Bay in September at 126 miles. In the rain.
  • January and February had the least miles with 120 and 125 respectively. Each month with less miles than my longest ride :-)
  • Had a good string in the summer with 580 miles in June, 470 in July, 530 in August and 650 in September. So four months were over half the miles.

Given that I'm not sure how much riding I'll have time to do in 2008 with the additional constraint of school, I think that I'm only going to try for 4000-5000 miles again. With the increased amount of commuting miles, I think that it should still be pretty achievable. I'm currently only planning to do one charity ride this year but I may also try a few more races. In any case, I'm pretty happy with my 2007 cycling year and am looking forward to an equally good 2008.
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