Jeremy Katz (katzj) wrote,
Jeremy Katz

Test Fedora Live Image Available

Just in time for the holidays, I've put up a new rawhide live image for some testing fun. Available as usual via bittorrent from

Some notes:
  • i686 version of the main/desktop/gnome image only. We had planned to have a KDE version, but some last minute problems have led to holding off for now. Hopefully we'll get that taken care of and I can post a KDE4 image next week
  • The images are set up to have SELinux in permissive mode as opposed to enforcing due to bug #425819
  • The keyboard screen in the installer is disabled due to it needing some work for some API changes in firstboot (#424811)
  • evince is not included on the image to keep the size down. evince now ends up pulling in a large amount of tetex-fonts (#426388)
  • To log in, you'll want to click on the Fedora Live user and enter a blank password

The set of images have a lot of things available for some testing. This includes (entirely non-comprehensive, based purely on what I know about and am thinking of today)
  • Firefox 3 Beta 2
  • Installer support for resizing ext2, ext3 and ntfs partitions and logical volumes. PLEASE BACK UP YOUR DATA FIRST! :-)
  • Installer support for encrypted block devices, including /
  • And a whole bunch of things I'm not thinking about right now

So download and enjoy. As always, file bugs in bugzilla against the 'rawhide' version of the Fedora product against the package you have trouble with.
Tags: fedora

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