Jeremy Katz (katzj) wrote,

Graphical Boot and Live Images

One of the goals for Fedora 10 is to replace the aging rhgb that has been used for graphical boot since Red Hat Linux 8.0. rhgb is implemented using an X server which started in rc.sysinit relatively early during the boot process and then some feedback is provided to the user. With some of the improvements underway for Fedora 10 we should hopefully have kernel modesetting in place at least for some drivers which will let us set a native resolution graphical mode as opposed to requiring either text-mode, an X driver + server or the use of a framebuffer.

Given this, enter plymouth -- a new graphical boot implementation which will be taking advantage of that infrastructure. And since we don't need the X server or anything that's really complicated, we can even include plymouth in the initrd and provide that nice graphical experience earlier in the boot process. The bits landed for the regular initrd a couple of weeks ago and I finally got around to looking at integrating things for the live initrds the end of last week and finished it up yesterday. So now, we should have the new graphical booting hotness for livecds as well. And once the kernel modesetting pieces land in rawhide (I'm looking at you krh :-), that should be easily hooked up also making things quite nice in time for the Fedora 10 alpha.

Now on to the next thing on my todo list...
Tags: fedora
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